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How do I activate DSI support for Autodesk contracts?

Update your Autodesk account to assign DSI as the reseller of record (RoR).

There are two easy ways to get on board with DSI:

Autodesk Account Management Portal

  1. Have your contract manager sign in at manage.autodesk.com
  2. Go to Billing and Orders then Subscriptions and Contracts
  3. In the Actions drop-down menu, select Update reseller information
    1. If you don't see that option, you might need to disable auto-pay
    2. If that still doesn't work, please skip ahead to the next section
  4. Paste in the DSI account number for your region:
    1. USA: 5142507358
    2. Canada: 5143332236
  5. Click Find and verify the updates, then click Submit

You're all set! It may take an hour or so for Autodesk's system to update.

Reseller Request Form

Download the appropriate form for your region:

Tip: A list of your contract numbers can be found at manage.autodesk.com under "Billing and Orders" then "Subscriptions and Contracts."

Thank you

Please send your completed form to support@dsi-mfg.com for submission through the Autodesk Partner Center.