How do I edit coolant codes in CAMplete TruePath

Coolant codes can be adjusted inside the machining setup editor.


My coolant codes in CAMplete are wrong. How do I fix this? You can edit coolant codes inside of CAMplete using the Machining Setup Editor.


Modify controller option

  1. Open CAMplete TruePath
  2. Select the Manage tab > Resources group > Machines 
  3. Select your machine from the list in the Resource Manager
  4. Hold SHIFT on the keyboard and click Edit. This will open the Machining Setup Editor
  5. In the Machining Setup Editor, select Controller on the left-hand side
  6. Select the Post Options tab 
  7. Double-click the code that needs to be updated
  8. Type in the new coolant code, and press enter
  9. Select OK to close the Edit Machining Setup form
  10. Re-load your project to see the updates take effect in the code.