How to design a part for CAMplete from Fusion 360

When you need to design a part for CAMplete using Fusion 360, here are the best practices to consider.


Correctly define your Fusion project to avoid issues when sending it over to CAMplete for post processing and collision checking.


Setting up the part

  1. You must create an attach point for CAMplete to correctly position the part and fixture to the machine table. For this example, we're using the bottom center of the fixture to align the fixture onto the top center of the machine tool's table. 
  2. Choose your Setup location - Which is your work offset location


Program and export

  1. Fully program your part
  2. Post Process for CAMplete
  3. In the Include Offsets location, click on the drop-down menu and choose Use Fixture Attachment Point - pick the design origin location 

    This will tell CAMplete where to attach the part/fixture/stock/toolpaths to the machine and automatically call your setup location as the work offset (G-Code CS in CAMplete)
    1. Fusion
    2. CAMplete
You are now ready to simulate and process the code out of CAMplete