Missing Fusion 360 Cloud Libraries

Cloud assets, such as cloud post processors, tool libraries, and CAM templates, Are missing in Fusion 360.


  • Cloud libraries are not enabled in user preferences.
  • Missing asset project permissions for Team Hub.
  • Cloud asset deleted.
  •  Issues syncing with the cloud.


To use cloud libraries

  1. Click on My Profile in the top-right corner of the Application bar
  2. Click on Preferences to open the dialog box
  3. On the left side, click on Preview Features
  4. Under General, select Manufacture and turn on the Enable Cloud Libraries 

Check Team Hub access

 Make sure the member accepted the invitation to the Team Hub first. 
  • Check if the correct Team Hub is selected.
  • If a Team Hub member can't see the Assets folder even with full Editor permissions, ask the Hub Administrator to toggle their activation status.
  • Change the member's status to Team Member if they're a Project Contributor. Project Contributors can't access the Assets folder.

Find missing cloud assets 

    1. If the library is in the Assets folder of the desktop app or Fusion Teams webpage, download it and upload it as a new version of the library in Fusion 360. Use the same name and filename extension as the original Asset.
    2. For CAM tools, posts, and machines, import the cloud library into the library dialog of the desktop application.
  • If you can't find the asset in Fusion 360, check the Trash Folder of your Autodesk Account Dashboard. Watch this screencast to learn how to access the Trash Folder

Find locally cached cloud libraries

Fusion 360 saves cloud assets on your computer.
To locate the file paths,
  • Windows: %localappdata%\Autodesk\Autodesk Fusion 360\ <AlphanumericID>\W.Login\M
  • Mac: Mac HD>Users>USERNAME>Library>Application Support>Autodesk>ALPHANUMERIC ID>W.login>M
In the M directory, you'll find alphanumeric folders (for example, "D2017012059661301"). These folders contain the cloud assets cached by Fusion 360. If an asset is missing in the desktop application but found here, copy it and upload it as a new version in Fusion 360.

Sync cloud data

  • If only one cloud asset is missing, restart Fusion 360. 
  • If a specific cloud asset made or edited by another team member is missing, restart Fusion 360 or refresh the Data Panel.