How to: Import a Tool Holder from an STP File

Add a milling tool holder to your machining operations from a manufacturer's step file.


Upload the step file into Fusion

Upload the holder step file the same way you would any file.
Verify that the tool orientation and position match the image below in the Design workspace.  If needed, use the MOVE command to reposition the holder appropriately.

Note: The origin must be aligned axially with the Z-axis at the holder's front face.


Download and save this script

Holder Creator


Install Script

Design > Utilities > Add-Ins > Scripts and Add-Ins > My Scripts > +


Click on Select Folder containing the download script.


Run script

Manufacture > Utilities > Add-Ins > Scripts and Add-Ins > HolderCreator > Run


You will then see this dialog; click OK.


Assign a filename, click OK.


Select the holder



IMPORTANT: Take note of the file location



Bring the tool into your library

Manufacture > Milling > Manage > Tool Library
Select the library where you want to store the tool.

Right-mouse click > Import libraries > select the JSON file.


Select the .json file, and click Open



Add this holder to a new or existing tool

Tool Library > Create or Edit Tool > Holder > Select holder.