How to Install the Kennametal Add-In to Fusion 360

Installing the Kennametal Add-In gives Fusion 360 users the ability to search and add tools directly from the Kennametal library, complete with geometry and cutting parameters.


You need to install the Add-In before you can access the tools. How to Install and use the Kennametal Import Tools Add-In


Downloading the Add-In

  1. In the Fusion Design or Manufacture workspace, navigate to the Utilities tab on the Toolbar.

  2. Select Add-Ins, then Fusion 360 App Store

  3. Search Apps for Kennametal

  4. Select Kennametal Import Tools, then Download

Installing the Add-In
  1. Utilities > Add-ins > Scripts and Add-Ins

  2. Add-Ins tab > click the green plus sign

  3. Click the Select Folder button

  4. Select Kennametal from the My Add-Ins list

  5. Check the box for Run on Startup

  6. Select Run

Using the Add-In

  1. Manufacture > Utilities > Kennametal

  2. Scroll down to select tools.

    Note - The initial release supports the following tools: Solid Carbide End Mills, Solid Carbide Drills, Taps, and Reamers

  3. Select SAP Material Number

  4. Click Send to Fusion 360

  5. When done selecting your tool, close the Kennametal Add-Inn

  6. Navigate to the Tool Library

  7. The Kennametal tool will be placed in your Local Library

  8. Right Mouse Click to edit the tool as you would any other tool