How to upload a machine simulation model to Fusion 360

Machine simulation models in Fusion 360 CAD allow users to simulate and visualize machining operations before physically cutting the material. This reduces the risk of errors and optimizes the machining process.


You have a new simulation model and need to install it in order to use it. 


Uploading the machine sim file

  1. Download the Machine Sim file that you received from DSI
  2. Launch Fusion 360
  3. Navigate to Manufacture workspace > Manage > Machine library
  4. Select Cloud or Local > Import
  5. Select from my computer
  6. Select the Machine file that you downloaded
  7. choose the Fusion location where you would like to save the machine too (this will be the machine's 3d model )
  8. Verify that the machine is now in the Machine Library
  9. Select the folder icon at the end of the post and add your current post

  10. In your Cam setup, Select your new machine
  11. The Part position tab will appear. Place your part on the machine table.
  12. Your machine is now ready for simulation.