How to manage people in Fusion 360 projects

Once you make a Fusion project, you can add or invite people to it in Fusion 360. Project members can also be given specific roles.


New or existing team member needs access to a project


Membership in projects may require approval from Project or Team Administrators. Invite outcomes for Open, Closed, and Secret projects vary based on team and project settings. The invite process is the same for all project types.
  • Project type (Open/Closed/Secret)
  • Sender's team role (Project Admin/Team Member/Project Contributor)
  • Recipient type (Team Member/Project Contributor/Unregistered User)
  • Team settings for Project Contributors (Allowed/Not Allowed)
  • Project settings for Project Contributors (Allowed/Not Allowed)

Adding users to a project in the data panel

  1. Go to the Data Panel and click on People at the top
  2. Add the email of a Fusion 360 user you want to give access. They'll receive an email about the invitation
  3. Click Invite
The Data Panel shows a list of project invitees. The project's creator, or moderator, is identified by a green star icon and labeled as Moderator.

Adding users to a project in the Fusion Team hub

  1. Access a project in Fusion Team
  2. Select the Project Members tab
  3. Click Invite
  4. Enter email(s)
  5. Choose the Role
  6. Click Send Invitations
    invite people to a project

    NOTE: To invite multiple people with the same role, enter each email address separated by a comma or press Enter after each email.
The invitee gets an email to accept. Once accepted, the project shows up in their Data Panel in Fusion 360. 
Invited members can also invite others to work on a project, but the moderator must approve them. When inviting people, project members can assign a role for them. Invitees can have the same or lower role as the project member. For instance, an editor can invite users as editors or viewers.

 Manage project roles

 In a project, everyone is a member with a unique role. A user can be a Viewer in one project and an Editor in another.
 There are three roles: Project Administrator, Editor, and Viewer. The person who creates the project is the owner and default Project Administrator.
 Team Administrators can assign a Project Administrator role to a Team Member or change their role to Editor or Viewer.
 If the sole Project Administrator leaves, the Team Administrator must assign a new one.

To change a Team Member's role

  1. Open the project in Fusion Team
  2. Go to Project Members
  3. Click the role column dropdown
  4. Choose a new role from the available options

Manage requests to join projects

Team Members can ask to join Closed projects. Requests appear in Alerts and Project Members.
To approve or reject a request in Fusion Team
  1. Go to Alerts and click Approve or Reject
  2. Or, open the project and click the pending approval notification in Project Members. Then click Join Requests and Approve or Reject

How to remove a member from a project

Using the Fusion 360 Data Panel

  1. Go to the People tab of the project
  2. Hover over the  icon and click Remove.

Using the Fusion Team site:

  1. Open the project in Fusion Team
  2. Click View and Manage members in the Project Members area
  3. Click Delete to remove a member
NOTE: Only moderators can remove members from a project.