How to configure CAMplete for Mastercam files

Follow the instructions in this article to configure CAMplete to read Mastercam files


How do I configure CAMplete for Mastercam files?


  1. Open CAMplete
  2. In the ribbon bar, select Manage > Options > File Types > Select the drop-down menu and choose Mastercam
3. Find the options below and enable them with the check box
    • NCI - Circular Interpolation Move - Add linear move for small arcs: This will filter out 360 deg arcs generated from the NCI file from Mastercam
    • NCI - Circular Interpolation Move Tolerance - Specifies the tolerance used to identify 360 arcs caused by small arcs in the NCI file typically .001"-.005" range
    • NCI - NCI 1053 records delimit Tool Paths - If the user is not using toolpath comments in Mastercam, the operations could be grouped together. In that case, enable this option so the toolpaths have a 1:1 mapping in CAMplete
5. Select Close when finished
6. Shutdown CAMplete to save the changes made