How to verify an NC program cutting on opposite sides in PowerMill

NC program simulation in PowerMill shows a collision instead of going home between toolpaths.


 When using NC Program verification, the toolpaths show green checkmarks but the NC program verification fails and says there have been collisions with the model. 


Turn off connection verification

  1. Got to the Home tab > Verification Group > NC Program
  2. In the NC Program Verification form, turn off the check box for verify connection moves in both spots
  3. Verify your NC Program again

Add workplanes between toolpaths in the NC Program

  1. Position a workplane in a location and orientation that will allow the machine to safely travel and rotate for the next toolpath. 
  2. In the explorer > drag and drop the workplane from the workplane folder between the problem toolpaths inside the NC program.
  3. Verify your NC Program again

We can easily control linking moves from one toolpath to the next in simulation using workplanes and start and end points.