What is Fill Preview, and how is it used in Moldflow

Fill Preview is a handy tool for quickly getting feedback on gate placement and flow.


Fill Preview is a pre-analysis tool visually representing the fill pattern. The Fill Preview checkbox is located in the Study Task Pane when available.

Steps to use Fill Preview

  1. Import your model as Dual Domain or 3D (The part does not need to be meshed)
  2. Place an injection cone or multiple cones directly on the model
  3. Place a checkmark in the Fill Preview box in the Study Task Pane
  4. Click on the Results Tab and play the simulation

Other information about the use of fill preview

  • Fill Preview is dynamic and updates when gates are added, moved, or deleted.
  • This Preview Works with a meshed or unmeshed part (Dual Domain and 3D only)
  • This Preview is only available for Thermoset Injection Molding.
  • This Preview does not support the use of runners or gates.
  • The study must be un-calculated to work.
  • Fill Preview does not detect short shots.
  • Fill Preview is intended to give quick feedback on flow patterns and potential weld lines before a filling analysis.
This video will show how Fill Preview can be used.