How do I check for Gate Freeze on a 3D meshed part in Moldflow?

Checking for Gate Freeze on a 3D mesh using Temperature and Part Weight plots


How can I tell when gate freeze occurs in my Fill-Pack analysis?


Modifying the default Temperature plot is an excellent way to check for gate freeze.
Validating this result with the Total part weight: XY Plot will help confirm the gate freeze time.
Both methods are described below.
This video will walk you through the following steps
Using the Temperature Plot:
  1. Right-click on your material in the Study Task Pane
  2. Choose Details
  3. Click on the Rheological Properties tabNote the Transition Temperature (The temperature where the molten polymer solidifies)
  4. Click on the Temperature plot to display it
  5. Right-click on the plot and choose Properties
  6. On the methods tab, choose Contour (Shaded is the default)
  7. Place a checkmark in the Single Contour box
  8. Set the Contour value to the transition temperature of your material
  9. Click Apply
  10. Go to the results tab, and step through the animation
As you step through the animation, the material will disappear and disconnect from the gate
Note the time stamp that this disconnect occurs
This is the time of gate freeze (no more material will enter into the cavity)
The next video will walk you through the following steps
Using Total Part Weight: XY Plot
  1. On the Results tab
  2. Click on New Plot, then Plots
  3. Scroll through the available results to find the Total part weight: XY Plot
  4. Click OK
  5. Click in the graphics window and choose Examine
  6. Click on the small black diamonds to find when the part weight normalizes, and note the time
  7. This should match closely with the gate freeze time
Compare the time that part weight stabilizes and gate freeze occurs to help establish your packing time.