Moldflow ** ERROR 104007 **

ERROR ** 104007 ** and ERROR ** 104001 ** generally occur when an old study is opened and recalculated in a newer version of Moldflow. Material data cards are deleted, added, and amended in each version of Moldflow.


** Error 104007** appears shortly after the analysis begins. The analysis is terminated.
This generally happens when running an old study file in a newer version of Moldflow.


Re-select the material again from the current Material Database.
Try selecting a different material if the current material no longer exists.
Explanation and causes:
  • The material you select for your study is copied from the material database in that version.
  • The material database is updated with each release of Moldflow. Materials are added, deleted, and amended.
  • Any change or update to the material card will cause this error to occur.
  • Error **104007** is often accompanied by Error **104001** (shrinkage model version can't be found)
  • The shrinkage model coefficients used in the old study were calculated in a previous software release.