How do I send a Moldflow study file with the results?

Sending a .sdy ( study file ) by itself does not contain the model or any results. Moldflow has the ability to archive all the required files necessary for support help.


The study file is received but has no results attached to it


Export the study

  1. Double-click the study to open it in the graphic window
  2. Click on the Synergy Logo on the top left of the screen
  3.  Select Export from the menu
  4.  Select Study and Results from the diamond flyout 
  5.  Select a directory to save the file and give it a name
  6.  Check the options as shown below: ( The Entire project can be sent but the file will be very large )

 If the file is too large for email, send us a link via the Autodesk Drive

  1. In your browser go to:
  2. Login
  3. Upload the newly created zip file
  4. Click on the Get Link button
  5. Make sure the Share link is turned on
  6. Copy the provided link and paste it into an email to us.