Moldflow System Requirements

Autodesk Moldflow CPU, GPU, RAM, and other computer specifications for best performance

DSI Hardware recommendations

Operating Systems:

( 64-bit ) Windows 10, Windows 10 Professional, Windows 10 Enterprise

( 64-bit ) Windows 11, Windows 11 Professional, Windows 11 Enterprise

Note: Moldflow Synergy (user interface) is not supported on Linux platforms

Insight Solver, however, can be run on 64-bit RedHat Enterprise Linux Server 7.8


64-bit Multi-core processors such as Intel i7, or i9

CPU speed - 2.5GHz or higher

Disk space - 500 GB drive


16 GB RAM for most parts

32-64 GB RAM or more for large automotive-size parts, or complete mold designs

Graphics Card:


2GB VRAM or higher, Open GL cards that support hardware acceleration with OpenGL 3.2 or higher

Display settings:

Minimum 1280 x 1024

Recommended 1920 x 1200

Web browser:

Internet Explorer 11.0 or later

A note about memory:

A Cool(BEM) analysis requires a large amount of memory to run. The amount required is calculated at the beginning of the analysis. If there is not enough RAM, the solve will try to continue using available disk space.