How to modify the feedrate for specific toolpath regions

You can modify the feedrate of a machine tool in specific regions of milling toolpaths. Reducing the feedrate on sharp corners, such as blade edges, can improve the quality of the surface finish.


Certain areas of a toolpath need to slow down to prevent tool or part breakage.


You can only modify the regions of a toolpath that contact a surface in a Level or Set.

To modify the feedrate of a toolpath region:

  1. In the Explorer, under the section Toolpaths, Activate the toolpath you'd like to edit
  2. Right-click on the toolpath and select Edit > Update Feedrate On Chosen
  3. Surfaces... Click the Create a new Set icon
    NOTE: If the surfaces are already specified on their own level or set, you can select it from the drop menu
  4. Select the surfaces in the graphics window where you need the toolpath to feedrate to slow down 
  5. Click Acquire Components to add the selected surfaces to the new set
  6. Enter an absolute value for the Modified feed rate
  7. Enter a Transition distance over which the modified feedrate is blended back to the Cutting feed rate.
  8. Click Apply