Automatic replay edit history

Automatic replay edits can be confusing when trying to update an edited toolpath.

PowerMill's default settings include automatically replay edits to a toolpath if you need to recalculate the toolpath after updating a toolpath setting for any reason. Occasionally, you may want to refrain from replicating the edits made to the toolpath. For example, if you were limiting the toolpath and choosing the wrong side to keep, trimmed away more than you intended, or incorrectly working with your toolpath reorder form.
  1. To turn it off, open the toolpath settings, Recycle the toolpath, and on the toolpath settings tree, select History. 
  2. Uncheck the Automatically replay edits box, then calculate the toolpath with the desired changes.
Note: It is up to the user to recognize when to use Replay Edits and when to turn it off.