Error: "304 invalid I, J or K in G02 or G03" on HAAS controller when Helical milling in PowerMill

Some controllers require the same lead-in and lead-out for toolpaths using cutter compensation; this is a problem with the helical milling cycle in PowerMill because the lead-in and lead-out are forced to be different.


You've received an error on your controller at the bottom of the hole and cannot run through the remainder of the code. There are several alternatives to solve this issue.


Use a different cycle

The profile cycle type allows the same lead in and out in the toolpath; changing this will correct the output.

Use a different toolpath

A Constant Z style toolpath is similar to the helical toolpath and allows you still to use cutter compensation at the NC Program level.

Modify your post

We can adjust the post-processer to not output I, J, K values for helical style toolpaths in several ways. Contact us here to learn how we can adjust this for you.