How to output a specific file extension for your NC program in PowerMill

I need to change the file extension of my output NC code when writing an NC Program inside PowerMill


You have output your NC Program but the output file type is wrong.


Find your post

  1. Locate all your posts and save them in a common folder
  2. This folder structure could be a location on the C drive, such as C:\Autodesk\PMILL2\PostP

Point to this location

  1. Inside PowerMill, go to the File tab > Options > Application Options
  2. Expand NC Programs > Output
  3. Click on the Folder icon under Output file extensions
  4. Click on the add folder icon, then browse to the folder containing the post
  5. Click OK
  6. Click Close

Specify the output for each post

  1. Click the down arrow under Output file extensions
  2. Select your post
  3. Type the required file extension
  4. Repeat steps 1 - 3 to set an extension for a different post
  5. Click Accept
  6. Close PowerMill to retain these settings in the registry
There are other methods of setting file extensions and other machine-specific settings, such as scripts or macros. Use this link and click on Connect with us to request more information.