How to copy toolpath parameters to match the active toolpath

Changing parameters one by one is time-consuming, group editing all toolpaths to match a single toolpath is quick and easy.


Coolant codes need to be changed for all the toolpath's in the NP program


To group edit a single parameter to multiple toolpaths

  1. Activate the toolpath with the parameter to be copied
  2. Group select all the toolpath's to apply the parameter too. Use shift or ctrl on the keyboard to pick multiples
  3. Right-click the highlighted toolpath's and go to Edit > Set Named Parameter
  4. Specify the parameter to be changed. In this case "Coolant"
  5. Click on the green checkmark

    The coolant parameter is now applied to the selected toolpaths

A list of all PowerMill parameters can be found in the help drop menu at the top right corner of PowerMill, go to Documentation > Parameters > Reference.  This lists all the parameters that can be changed with this method.