How to move toolpath start points in PowerMill

Is there a way to move the start point of a toolpath from one location to another?


The calculated toolpath placed the start point in an undesirable location. Changing this will allow greater flexibility by the programmer and result in a favorable start location.


In order to change the start position of a toolpath, the toolpath segments must all be closed and on the same Z height

  1. Activate the toolpath you wish to modify, in this example the start point is in the corner and undesirable.
  2. Go to the Toolpath Edit tab > Edit group > Move Start Points
  3. Choose to change a single segment or multiple.
  4. The selection method requires a left click to start the line and drag the tooltip across the segment or segments and a left click on the outside of the selection to move the start points wherever the line intersects.
  5. Once complete, Accept the changes under the Move Start Points > Finish > Accept