How to create a PowerMill Macro

Macros simplify and automate workflows within PowerMill and can range from something as simple as entity creation and naming to Semi-Automatic programming.



Workflow improvement and automation to reduce repetitive steps. 



Write a custom macro using the record function

  1. To create a PowerMill macro select Record from the Home tab - Home tab > Macro Group > Record

  2. Specify the name and location of the macro

    From this point forward all selections of the mouse will be recorded in the file.

  3. Using button clicks, create your recorded workflow 

  4. Once completed, press Record again to save the macro  

Add the macro to a custom ribbon tab

  1. Right-click the empty space on the ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon...

  2. Using the dropdown on the left side select the Macro button

  3. Input the following areas to define and specify the macro to use

    1. Name - is what will show on the ribbon.

    2. Description - will show when the tooltip is displayed for the macro button.

    3. Macro - is the file just created that will run when the button is pushed.

    4. Picture - is the image that will show on the ribbon picked from the list below

      1. This can be created on your own as a .bmp .jpeg .jpg .png or .ico

      2. You can also select an image created by Autodesk in the selection field below.

  4. Once the form is complete select the Add button

    This will create a new Tab and a new Group. You can edit their names by selecting them from the list and pressing Edit.

  5. Press OK to complete the new custom tab and macro button

Congratulations, you've made a macro!