How do I output to a different datum pickup in PowerMill?

PowerMill can output to different user-defined fixture offsets when specified inside the NC Program settings. Datum numbers can be created and output as needed.


My post only outputs G54. I'd like for it to output for G55 or other fixture offsets.


Your post-processer is likely set up to output to G54 as default. Most will allow you to output to a different offset unless the post is hard-coded. If the below does not work, please contact the post team at DSI at or by submitting a ticket by clicking CONNECT WITH US on our contact page.

Populate the datum offset numbers.

  1. Close all PowerMill sessions
  2. Open a single PowerMill session
  3. Go to the NC Program Tab > Edit group > Options > Preferences
  4. Go to the Fixture offset tab
  5. Type the Fixture offset into the Name field and click on the plus button
  6. Repeat step 5 to populate all offsets
  7. Press Close when done
  8. Close PowerMill
NOTE: This saves the fixture offsets into the Windows Registry and will populate again once PowerMill is launched.

Set the NC Program to output as a different offset

  1. Open PowerMill
  2. Load your project or create some toolpaths in a new session
  3. Create an NC Program and load some toolpaths into it
  4. Right Click on the NC Program > Settings
  5. Select the first toolpath
  6. Drop down the Fixture offset menu and pick the appropriate offset
  7. Write your NC Program and check the output. The new offset should take the place of the old one.