How to add tools to the Tool Database with Stock Materials parameters in PowerMill

Saving a single tool geometry with multiple cutting parameters based on strategy and material saves time and organizes common tooling.


Templates are a challenge to keep up to date for the same tool being used in different materials with different cutting parameters.


Create your tool 

  1. Create the tool
  2. Set the appropriate feeds and speeds

    Associate the Stock Material to the tool and parameters defined within

    1. Right-click the tool > Change Tool Stock Material
    2. Select the Material with the dropdown at the bottom of the window
    3. Make a new material if the required material doesn't exist
      NOTE: Material name cannot contain spaces, use the _ to best accommodate
    4. Update Cutting parameters
    5. Add tool to the database
    6. Export what is required, a new material will be created if one does not exist with the same name as selected previously
    7. Repeat the process for the new material in which you have new parameters.