Error: "Postprocessor Error - Failed to get translator version from the registry." when post-processing with an OPT in PowerMill

Using an OPT-style post with a newer version of PowerMill, or switching computers can break the connection between the older post and DuctPost. Therefore, a new post should be built to replace the old DuctPost.


When post-processing NC code with an opt file in PowerMill, one or both of the following errors are displayed:
  • PowerMill Warning:
Your tape file will be created, but you are using 'DuctPost,' a post-processor that is no longer maintained.
We recommend upgrading to 'Autodesk Manufacturing Post Processor Utility to receive post-processing updates and take advantage of the new features in PowerMill.
Please contact your system supplier for more information on how to upgrade.
  • PowerMill Error:
Postprocessor Error - Failed to get the translator version from the registry.
Please ensure that DuctPost is installed and that it has been registered correctly.


Update your post to the latest and greatest version; contact the DSI team to start updating your OPT to a PMOPTZ.

Download and install the "Dongle Free" version of DuctPost (1.6.10)