Wrong units are shown when a DXF file is imported into PowerMill

The file was exported as a metric DXF but when brought into PowerMill the file is in english.


Wrong units are shown when a *.dxf file is imported into PowerMill using (Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility) AMDEU.
  • For example: Square of 100x100mm created in CAD when exported as *.DXF format then the square size becomes 2540x2540mm after importing it in PowerMill.


To avoid this issue, do the following:

  1. Open Autodesk Manufacturing Data Exchange Utility (AMDEU)
  2. Select the File drop menu > import
  3. Click Browse to select the *.dxf file to import
  4. Click on Resources
  5. Set the unit to mm and press Apply
    Note - To save this as your import default go to the File drop menu > Save
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Import to bring in the file
  8. Click on the File drop menu > Export
  9. Click on Export

The new *.dxf is ready to be imported into PowerMill