How do I store settings in PowerShape?

Inside PowerShape you can store model defaults by saving a new Model Master.


My settings keep reverting back when I close PowerShape, I need to change these settings every time I open PowerShape.


Store your settings inside of new Model Master

  1. Close all PowerShape sessions
  2. Open PowerShape as admin, it's best to ensure the user profile also has admin rights
  3. In the Type Command prompt at the bottom of the PowerShape screen type: login admin > and press enter
  4. Create a model containing all the required settings and options (like levels name, styles for lines,.. )
  5. Select the File tab> Options> Application Options
  6. Go to File> Model, turn off "Always save and open from outside the database", then click OK
  7. Select the File tab> Save As - Save the model with the name NEW_MODEL_MASTER_25
  8. Press Save
  9. Select the File tab> Delete - delete all existing models with names in the format NEW_MODEL_<number>_25 (for example NEW_MODEL_1_25).
  10. Repeat step 5,6 to turn on "Always save and open from outside the database", then click OK
  11. Close PowerShape to exit admin mode
  12. Restart PowerShape