How to set the tilt preference for rotation inside CAMplete

Specify the preferred side your machine tool will tip when outputting code inside CAMplete.


The travel limits of the tilt axis vary from machine to machine. Some machines have equal travel limits in both the positive and negative directions, while some have asymmetric travel limits. If your machine has asymmetrical travel limits, you will likely want to perform most of your machining on the tilt side with more travel, whether it be positive or negative. 


Setting the tilt preference for your NC Format

1. In the ribbon bar, go to Manage > Resources > NC Formats

2. Select your NC Format > Click Edit

 3. In Kinematic Options, set the 5-Axis and 3+2 Axis drop-down menus to the tilt preference for your machine. In this example, 5-Axis is set to Prefer Negative Tilt, and 3+2 Axis is set to Negative Tilt directions Only.

4. Click Finish

 5. You will be prompted to add a (optional) comment to reflect what was modified and why for future reference

6. Click OK

7. Click Close