How to set up SuperNURBS For 3+2 operations in CAMplete

Use SuperNURBS to increase accuracy and finish on parametric surfaces.


Your NC Format always outputs G131 (SuperNURBS) for 5-axis operations.
By default, your NC Format does not output SuperNURBS for 3+2 operations. However, you can enable SuperNURBS for any 3+2 operation by setting the SuperNURBS path parameter.


 Setting SuperNURBS for a selected operation

  1. In the ribbon bar, go to Programs > Settings > Parameters
  2. Click Operations

  3. Use the arrows (>) beside the operation names to expand the parameter(s) for that operation. You can modify multiple operations by selecting them using the Ctrl and/or Shift keys

  4. Enable the Use SuperNURBS for this operation? parameter under the Value column to output SuperNURBS for the operation(s)

If you would always like to output SuperNURBS for 3+2 operations, you can default SuperNURBS to be on for all 3+2 operations by following the steps below

 Setting all 3+2 operations to use SuperNURBS

  1. In the ribbon bar, go to Manage > Resources > NC Formats

  2. Select your NC Format > Edit

  3. In the Advanced Options area, select Parameters

  4. Enable the Default Value check box for the SUPERNURBS_3_PLUS_2 parameter

  5. Click OK

  6. Click Finish