How to adjust the CPU allocation for PowerMill 2022 and newer

PowerMill 2022 and newer allows calculations to be multi-threaded. Some newer computers will take longer to calculate with the latest type of calculations.


Splitting a calculation to spread across multiple cores can often speed up the calculation. The problem occurs when the calculation needs to be re-assembled, which can cause it to take longer. The other issue when using all cores for heavy calculations is that it can cause the PC to lock up and become unresponsive until completed. 



Set the core allocation to restrict core usage

  1. Click here to download the attached PowerMill macro "ChangeCPUtime.mac" to your local drive

  2. Drag and drop the macro into a blank PowerMill interface

  3. Enter the percentage of CPU time to use. The default is 100%

  4. Click the green check mark

To change the CPU time again or to set it back to default

  1. Drag and drop the macro into a blank PowerMill interface
  2. Set the value and click the green checkmark

You should now see a reduction in CPU time for PowerMill's calculations. If you need to adjust this CPU time frequently, you can assign the macro to a button for quicker access.

See this article here for how to create a macro and assign it to a button.

 Echo command for setting a percentage in a user macro

The below string will set the CPU time back to 100. Adjust this number to suit 

$ResourceAllocation =100