How to access the Flat Surface Machining plugin in PowerMill

Where to find, install and activate the Flat Surface Machining plugin.


For PowerMill 2021 or older, the 3+2 flat machining plug-in is an add-on that requires an external download and installation. This plug-in, once installed and enabled inside PowerMill will aid the creation of multi-axis offset flat finishing, raster flat finishing, and slice area clearance toolpaths.
For PowerMill 2022 and on, a toolpath called Inclined Flat Finishing can be used to achieve a better result.


PowerMill 2022 and newer

  1. Click here to learn how to use the Inclined Flat Finishing toolpath

PowerMill 2021 and older

  1. Click here to submit a ticket requesting the installer

The Flat Surface Machining plugin is an unsupported external installation that is not recommended. No future development is scheduled for this, it is recommended to update to the latest version of PowerMill to access the proper toolpaths.