How to set up the NC Format for Okuma OSP (5 Axis)

This article contains important configuration and operation instructions for your CAMplete TruePath NC Format.


Your NC Format is your post processor, which controls the NC code output from CAMplete TruePath. It has been developed in conjunction with the machine tool builder to ensure that the posted code is correct for your machine. It can be modified, but we recommend that you contact your machine tool 
reseller before making any modifications.

This outlines some features specific to your NC format. Please read through each feature carefully and make sure that you understand the intended use of a feature before enabling or disabling it. Always be sure to run your program through CAMplete TruePath’s collision checking before running it on the machine.


Use the links below to set up the suggested preferences inside your NC format.  

How to set the tilt preference for rotation inside CAMplete

How to set up 3+1 Transitions in your NC Format for CA


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